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The Advanced SEO Conference Programme – Fresh Case Studies & High-Impact Strategies!

Advanced Search Strategies Which Boost SEO & Paid Performance & Optimise Ranking
Exploring Technical SEO, Mobile-First, New Technologies & Voice Search, Site Speed & Next-Level Content & Link Building

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event | 13th February 2019 | Museum of London Docklands, London

08:30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09:00 GIC Welcome & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Kerstin Reichert
SEO Manager (Team Lead)

Optimising Mobile

09:20 Optimising Mobile Search & Mobile Page Speed For Improved Mobile-First Rankings, Boosted Visibility & Better User Experiences

  • Google says there is no change - but what are the day-to-day ramifications of mobile-first indexing? How has mobile-first indexing actually impacted ranking and where have we seen uplift or negative impact?
  • From autofill to autocorrect, geo-location, different query formats and fat thumbs: best-practice advice on adapting your SEO strategies to better fit mobile user search intent
  • Optimising your mobile page speed for better indexing - exploring AMP and other options to make your mobile sites as fast and responsive as possible
  • Setting the right KPIs and leveraging the best tools to accurately track mobile SEO performance
  • How are we going to see the differences in desktop and mobile search gap widen?

Alexander Royle
Head of Search
BBC Studios

Voice Search

09:40 Investigating The Practical Implications Of Voice Search Technologies To Prepare Your Company Internally & Position Your Brand As The First Search Result

  • Better understanding user intent and how voice search users ask questions to position yourself as the site with the answer
  • What are the tangible benefits to the business of being voice-search optimised and how can you realistically implement strategies now to prepare for the future?
  • Exploiting the opportunities voice search provides to come top in local listings
  • Perfecting the process to write content which will index as the first result on voice search
  • How can businesses best position themselves to capitalise on the boom in “voice apps”?

Nick Wilsdon
Search Product Owner
Vodafone Group

Technical SEO & New Technologies - Q&A Panel

10:00 Investment, Implications & Implementations: Exploring The Practical Applications Of Machine Learning, AI & Automation For Technical SEO

  • As machine learning, AI and automation are increasingly being used to determine page relevancy and authority, what are the key ranking implications of these new technologies and how can they be managed by your SEO?
  • Technical advice when introducing technologies such as progressive web app architecture, accelerated mobile pages or content delivery networks
  • Inheriting a mess - driving small improvements to improve your technical SEO performance across a myriad of pages, with legacy systems and older operating models
  • What are the future applications and opportunities of machine learning, AI and automation for SEO?

10:30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Networking Technical Breakouts

11:00 Networking Technical Breakout Sessions

A) Progressive Web Apps

Alessandra Alari
Head of Digital User Experience, Large Customer Sales, Uki

B) Schema

Alexander Royle
Head of Search
BBC Studios

C) ‘Position Zero’

Em North
Search Marketing Manager
P&O Cruises

D) Local SEO

Liang Chen
Head of SEO (Organic Acquisition)
Premier Inn

Advanced Content - Double Perspective

11:20 Next-Level Content Strategies Which Step Away From Spammy Keywords For More Sophisticated SEO Which Promotes Link Building, Dwell Time, Engagement & Organic Reach

  • Real-world advice to tap into your audience intent and optimise your content indexing to reach the coveted ‘Position Zero’ and boost engagement
  • Strategically moving away from spammy keywords to better cater to Google’s shift towards prioritising page relevancy and credibility for increased traffic, visits and visibility
  • It’s no use having a perfectly-optimised site if no-one wants to stay there! Leverage customer data to increase dwell time and shareability with content which speaks to your audience
  • Co-ordinating your SEO and paid search activities for one cohesive content strategy with impact

11:20 Perspective One

David Freeman
Global Head of SEO

11:40 Perspective Two

Liang Chen
Head of SEO (Organic Acquisition)
Premier Inn

Biren Ahmad
Technical SEO Lead
Premier Inn

Case Study

12:00 Data Science And SEO: Identifying Actionable Insights At Scale

  • How to identify keyword revenue potential opportunities using algorithmic analysis
  • How to understand your search footprint using keyword intent modelling & machine learning
  • How to use data visualisation to extract insights

George Karapalidis
Head of Data Science
Vertical Leap

Savvy Link Building

12:20 Advanced Link-Building Strategies Which Foster Authority, Credibility & Shareability

  • Best-practice advice to introduce greater authority and credibility into your links
  • Moving away from the mass to a more strategic link-building approach by selecting reputable sites to build relationships (and links) to boost your SEO and shareability
  • Translating brand mentions and social media presence into direct site links
  • Taking your link-building strategies to the next level: from organic to paid, social media, journalists, backlinking, black hat, white hat - what is going to elevate your SEO ranking?

Jennifer Gac
SEO Manager
Shop Direct

Paid Search

12:40 Strategically Influencing Paid, SEM & PPC Strategies To Best Allocate Paid Spend & Maximise Results

  • Identifying and attributing the insights of your PPC performance in other marketing channels to cut wastage, refine strategies and achieve better ROI
  • Keeping pace with new PPC and SEM approaches as user intent evolves for best-in-class paid customer acquisition
  • Exploring and exploiting opportunities to better align your paid, PPC and SEO strategies for cohesive approaches which optimise return and impact

Julia Klein
Group Search Marketing Manager
Thomas Cook Group Airlines

13:00 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

13:40 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) User Intent & UX

Turgay Akar
SEO Strategic Lead
Post Office Ltd

B) ROI & Attribution

Nathan Barnett
Head of PPC

C) Paid & SEO

Juan Perez
Senior Paid Media Manager

D) Advanced Content

Terry Fisher
Chief Marketing Officer
Investoo Group


Elif Guvencer
Senior Corporate Communications Manager

14:00 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Michelle Wilding
Head of SEO & Content
Telegraph Media Group

Google Updates - Q&A Panel

14:20 Top Tips From A Technical Standpoint To Avoid Falling Foul Of The Latest Google Updates - What Does & Doesn’t Work & How Can We Future-Proof With Constantly-Moving Goalposts?

Explore the latest Google algorithm changes and new updates on the horizon. Submit your top list of changes and challenges you want the panel to discuss!

Gerry White
Technical SEO Lead
Just Eat

Nick Wilsdon
Search Product Owner
Vodafone Group

Julia Hudson
Product Owner

Site Speed - Double Perspective

14:50 Demystifying Site Speed Myths To Identify Quick Wins & Demonstrably Improve Site Speed & Page Rankings

  • To what extent is Google prioritising speed as a ranking factor - and equally importantly - after how many microseconds do your users switch off?
  • What are the tangible results of introducing AMP and progressive web apps?
  • Images and video look great, if and when they load - how to optimise the technical implementation of video for faster, more responsive sites
  • What are your top tips, quick-to-implement wins and best free tool recommendations to drive improved site speed?

14:50 Perspective One

Alessandra Alari
Head of Digital User Experience, Large Customer Sales, Uki

15:10 Perspective Two

Joseph Halsall
SEO Lead
Vodafone UK

Case Study

15:30 How To Take Your Content Marketing To Next Level

Kevin Gibbons, CEO and Co-founder, Re:signal

Developer & Search Collaboration

15:50 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking, Including Developer & Search Collaboration Discussions - Developer Perspective

SEO and developer’s perspectives on how both front-end and back-end developer priorities can influence rankings and how to foster strong collaboration between developers and SEOs for search- and user-optimised websites.

Geoffrey Hayward
Java Software Developer
NHS Digital

Farhaad Saleh
SEO Manager 

Stuart Jones
Senior Product Owner
KFC UK & Ireland

Social Media

16:20 Integrating SEO Into Your Social Media Strategies For Increased Content Scalability, Link Building & Rank Position

  • Leveraging your social media community to scale up the impact of your content and SEO
  • Translating your brand mentions to rank-boosting links
  • With little data available, to what extent can you track and measure the direct impact of social media on your search rankings

Fabian Tiefenbacher
E-Commerce Manager UK Hotels
Dorchester Collection

International SEO

16:40 Successfully Adapting Your SEO Strategies For Internationally-Optimised Sites

  • From language tags and international content, how can you implement an advanced SEO strategy across many different versions of the website in different languages?
  • How can you avoid duplicate pages when you’ve got the same site in many different languages?
  • Can you update or adapt your sites without needing to do a lot of dev work?
  • Making the most of the opportunity to create local sites as part of your sitemap; how can you index these properly to ensure they are most useful for the user?
  • We all try to please Google, but what about when you need to optimise for search engines in other markets? Practical tips to boost your performance on Yandex, Baidu, Bing and others

Dewi Nawasari
European Head of SEO

17.00 Chair’s Closing Remarks

17.10 Official Close Of Conference